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One of the hot-button topics today in and outside of the Church is "human-sexuality." Before we set forward with pastoral out-reach we should make sure we understand the Church's teaching and embrace it, so that what we seek to invite others towards, we ourselves are already embracing in our personal-lives.

In this pod-cast we discuss merely the fundamentals of human sexuality according to Church teaching. This involves the differences between men and women as images of the Trinity, matters of chastity and interior freedom, a brief look at contraception, and so forth. Enjoy!



Here is a brief overview of the Church's view in regard to Original Sin, Personal Sin, and how the Incarnation brings about Salvation!



What can we do about Euthanasia being legalized in Canada? How can we understand the Church's teaching about death and dying and the value of suffering?

If you would like to bring about changes in Canada in regard to life-issues?

Here is a website that you might want to explore to get more active in the movements towards promoting a culture of life:



Abortion is a modern day crisis that affects many people. It is also accepted legally in our own country, and as a result is a divisive issue. However, being divided might mean that there is something to be concerned about in regard to the questions about the ethics of abortion. It isn't a topic we should be indifferent on, because it affects us all. In this podcast I look into the arguments for abortion and the arguments against.

Using philosophy I hope to demonstrate a reasonable position that does not require an appeal to faith in order to demonstrate why abortion is an immoral choice.

Faith on the other hand can teach us that there is mercy.


I was fortunate to be invited to St. Patrick's Catholic High-School, in Sarnia Ontario. I delivered this testimony to the grade 11 students on Wednesday. Here is a brief summary of how Christ and I found each other, and how I terribly needed this encounter to grow in courage and boldness.



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