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Our domesticated version of Jesus is not on par with scripture. Today Jesus reveals his anger, but it isn't a cruel type. Rather Jesus reveals that through his anger towards sin, under it is a genuine and passionate love for His heavenly Father. In other words, Jesus is teaching us that being offended on behalf of God is actually a good thing.


Do we have a faith "about God" or a faith "in God?" The mystics experienced the transcendent in the ordinary, and were able to come to an awareness of deeper truths revealed to them by Christ. This leads us to a trust in God that goes beyond our own understanding...


Cameron Bertuzzi has an apologetic-ministry called "Capturing Christianity." As a Christian man, he has been greatly influenced by many other Christian philosophers and scholars such as William Lane Craig. He offers some good advice and reflection on how to share the faith, but also suggests some resources to look deeper into our faith.

Check it out!



St. Ignatius teaches us that there are four voices that speak to us: (1) The Devil, (2) The World, (3) Ourselves, and (4) God. In order to hear the voice that truly matters, that has the words of "eternal life" we must learn to become indifferent to the rest of those voices. How do we do this? Sunday-Rest is a good start.


Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage, Euthanasia, the right to work for the government while disagreeing with its policy...all of these things are happening...but why?


Repentance is a difficult thing to do...but its also a difficult thing to preach. Mercy, however demands it! Lets return to a Church that teaches the fundamentals of our faith: sin, mercy, Who God is, and what He has done for us in Jesus.



How often do you hear the phrase, "I'm spiritual but not religious"? Usually it is meant as a somewhat sneer towards religious individuals, coming with it false view of what "religion" actually is. In our homily today, I reflect on the religious habits of the 3 wise-men, and how they conformed their own faith to the true faith, kneeling before God who appeared in an actual moment of history. When we keep things vague and general about who God is, and what He has done, it spirals into a cold-hearted indifference towards God. When we assert our religious tradition in a spirit of competition we are like King Herod, forming an Elite that doesn't welcome the real Christ into his company. Lets consider all these things, and learn to just fall in Love with God.




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