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God's gift of sexuality to us has a design. To reject this design is to essentially become spiteful towards God's great and beautiful work of creation. If we love God, this rejection simply isn't an option.


*correction: for some reason I said, "crusades" but I meant the Roman Empire when discussing the Colosseum.


So many people today praise themselves for "being good." Although the central focus of Christianity is not on our own goodness, but rather God's, we must note that our own moral uprightness is something to ponder as well. How can we be truly good, if we do not give God what is "truly right and just?" How can we be good, if we neglect Him who is owed all?


Some people tend to treat the term "heresy" as a swear word or a medieval (i.e. outdated) preoccupation. Today we celebrate St. Dominic who combatted heresies, and guess what: the Church still celebrates Him. Why? Listen in and find out.


Date: Wednesday August, 7th 2019.

Our obedience to our superiors, secular or religious is obedience to God. God makes that clear when the people of Israel complain against Aaron and Moses. Its also something St. Paul is taught when He persecutes God through the Church.

Obedience is the remedy to overcoming pride - and so when it goes against our own fallible judgment, yet is most certainly not a sin, we must obey. This will be more pleasing to God than doing what we'd prefer, no matter how much we idealize our own ways.


Fr. Chris explores Jesus' reflection on greed in today's scripture, in the Prodigal Son story, Dante's Purgatory, and its implications for today.


Fr. Chris reflects on the two ways we can know God as Father. He discusses how God intends us "to be" and knows us intimately. And then he discusses the great gift of the OUR FATHER, Jesus' greatest gift to us, which is to win His Father through grace in the same way Jesus is loved by His father.


Fr. Chris reflects on the importance of prayer, and how sometimes our culture doesn't enable us to rest in such prayer. The Eucharist is definitely a great place to plug back into prayer.


Suffering has become a place of love and triumph. This is where we can triumph over sin and death. Therefore, this Friday is Good.


Outdoing each other in Service. The Eucharist and Priesthood of Christ as Model.


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